2nd Amendment

Call to Action: Oppose the New “Assault Weapons” Ban

It’s time for yet another call to action for all 2nd Amendment supporters, on top of the recent call to action about the bump stock ban. Since the bump stock ban has stalled out at the national level, the anti-gun movement is just going straight for an all out “assault weapons” ban. This time, the […]

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I’m Pro Gun, Change My Mind – Discussing Gun Rights with Anyone

StevenCrowder is a rather popular YouTube channel covering politics, pop culture, current events. He calls himself “the most politically incorrect comedy channel on the web.” He had just started a new segment called “Change My Mind” where he goes out in public with a table and a camera and encourages people to change his mind […]

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A collection of articles about the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. The 2nd Amendment is a very important part of American culture – the right to bear arms is quite literally how America was formed by separating from a tyrannical government. The individual right to bear arms is how America remains a country by the people and for the people. It is the right that keeps a tyrannical government in check, our nation safe from foreign invasion, and an individual safe from those that wish to do harm.