How to Build an AK-47

The popular AK-47 has build kit options, just like the AR-15 does. Anyone can build their own custom AK-47 in the comfort of their own home with just a little bit of know how.

The AR-15 is undoubtedly the most popular rifle in America. With untold thousands of manufacturers making AR-15s, parts are readily available of just about every form imaginable. Due to the modularity of the AR-15 rifle, “build kits” are available allowing anyone to assemble an AR-15 in their own home. (Purchasing the lower receiver still requires a background check) What many people don’t realize is the equally modular AK-47 also has build kits available for people to customize and build in their own home.

While AK-47 build kits are not as readily available or as cheap as AR-15 build kits, there are still many different build kits available for the AK-47.

The Military Arms Channel takes a look at a few different AK-47 builds to wet your whistle on the possibilities of doing your own AK-47 build.

How to get started with an AK-47 build

Unfortunately, building an AK-47 is a little more involved than building an AR-15, even with an AK build kit, but still very doable. The NRA’s American Rifleman has an excellent series on how to build an AK-47. Just be warned, building your own AK-47 does require specific tools and experience with those tools. Pursue an AK build at your own risk.

  1. Selecting AK components
  2. Populating the barrel
  3. Populating a factory-built AK-47 receiver
  4. Bending and welding a receiver flat (optional)
  5. Refinishing and reassembly of the AK-47

Give these articles a read before deciding if you’re going to pursue an AK-47 build kit and piece together your own AK-47.

Video series on how to build an AK-47

If reading articles isn’t quite your style, Zeke Shoots on Full30 has a nice video series on an AK-47 M72 build he did.

Where to find AK-47 build kits

This is by no means a comprehensive list of places to get an AK-47 build kit, but is an excellent starting point if you’re interested in pursuing a custom AK-47.

Many AK-47 build kits are foreign imports that require the purchase of an AK-47 receiver, just like many domestic AR-15 build kits that require the additional purchase of an AR-15 lower receiver. These AK-47 build kits allow you to build a classic wood furniture AK-47 in the style of the country of origin, or you can swap out furniture one at a time to build more of a modern AK-47. It’s all up to you.

What kind of an AK-47 would you build?

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