The short story of my suppressor purchase and why I recommend buying your suppressor from Capitol Armory.

Back during the suppressor frenzy when the ATF’s 41f was going into effect, I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a suppressor.

I went to a local Austin shop that sells suppressors (won’t say who), and it didn’t go well. Like all shops during that time, they had a limited selection. I knew what features I was looking for, but didn’t know which specific suppressor I wanted, though I was leaning towards SilencerCo. I wanted the sales reps to help me out and make some suggestions. Instead of providing informed insight into which suppressors were popular and fit with my needs, the sales rep scrolled through their website (while I was in the shop) and listed off the suppressors they had available. I can do that myself, in fact, I had already done that before I went to the shop.

Queue Capitol Armory

Then I went to Capitol Armory. While their physical location was small, the sales reps were amazing. He listened to what I was going to use the suppressor for, and what features I wanted. I primarily wanted a .30cal can for my AR-15 and my 6.5 Creedmoor. I also wanted it to be lightweight for use in shooting competitions with my AR-15.

After some discussion with the sales rep, we narrowed down my choices to the SilencerCo Hybrid and the SilencerCo Omega. The Hybrid gave me the benefit of sticking it on my Walther PPQ 9mm pistol, but it was heavier. The SilencerCo Omega was lighter and worked better out on the end of my competition AR-15.

The Capitol Armory sales rep did not hesitate to recommend the cheaper of the two as he felt it would better fit my needs, nor did he even rush me at all.

To me, that speaks volumes to the quality of the company.

The purchase process was incredibly smooth

From there, they set me up with a Trust, helped me fill out the paperwork, and I made the purchase. It was very smooth and easy process. I left there a very satisfied customer. Then some months later the ATF finally worked through their massive backlog and I got an email, my suppressor had finally arrived. Picking up the suppressor was equally smooth, and they even provided me with several copies of my suppressor paperwork in a plastic sleeve – no need for me to print out a copy for my range bag.

In short, I highly recommend buying a NFA item, be it suppressor or SBR, from Capitol Armory.

If you’re near North Austin, swing on over to 2000 Windy Terrace #1A, Cedar Park, TX 78613 and pickup a suppressor from Capitol Armory!