Attempted Mass Shooter Was More Concerned About Conceal Carriers than Police

Criminals prefer soft targets, so they seek out ways to avoid armed victims.

Recently, a student was arrested for planning to commit a mass shooting. This teenager, who I shall not name or picture, was planning an Islamic State inspired mass shooting in a Dallas mall.

He apparently hit the FBI’s radar in December 2017, and the subsequent investigation provides a lot of very interesting insight into a mass shooter. For example, he considered waiting until he turned 18 to purchase a rifle, but was also reading ISIS magazines on how to perform operations and make bombs.

The shooter was selecting targets where police response time would be slow. Remember, when seconds matter, police are minutes away.

Furthermore, the planned shooter stated he was more concerned about conceal carriers intervening than police officers intervening. From the arrest affidavit:

They discussed the “possibility that patrons in the mall could be carrying concealed weapons, and could draw those weapons when the operations begins”

To which the suspect says he didn’t think a police officer would “try and take us on” and noted the Parkland, Florida shooting and says the security officer at the school “ran outside…a lot of people are mad at him”

We know that over 98% of all mass shootings happen in gun free zones. We also know this particular shooter was not deterred by laws or danger to himself. This shooter said, “It’s not about numbers it’s about getting a message across to these taghut countries.” He wished to kill indescriminantly and he was going to do so with or without guns. Be it bombs, vehicle, or other means – he intended to kill.

Gun control ≠ crime control.

Gun control creates victims.

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