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How to Quick Lube a Handgun Without Disassembly

All firearms need to be maintained for reliable function, accuracy, and avoiding complete failure of the firearm. Here’s some quick tips on how to quickly lubricate a 1911, which is also applicable to other firearms. You don’t even need to disassemble the firearm!

Why Shoot 3 Gun? A Perspective from a Newbie and Expert

Shooting sports, of any format, are a way to get out to the range, shoot your firearms in ways you can’t normally shoot them, hangout with likeminded individuals, improve your skills, and have lots of fun. Everyone who is interested in shooting should give a shooting sport a try.

How to Zero a Handgun Red Dot Sight

Pistol red dot sights are growing in popularity. While the process of zeroing a pistol red dot is pretty much the same as zeroing a rifle red dot or optic, there are some minor differences.

Officer Involved Shooting Shows How Quick Encounters can Escalate to Deadly Force

When an encounter, be it officer arresting someone for a non-violent crime, or citizen simply walking down a street, it is important to be mentally ready to instantly defend against a lethal force threat.

First Hand Account of a Four Time Successful Self Defender

If you were robbed 4 times, you would take action – wouldn’t you?

What is a “Stovepipe” Malfunction is & How to Clear It

Stovepipes are a brutal “failure to eject” (FTE) malfunction that put your handgun in a complete inoperable state. A stovepipe is when a spent casing gets caught in the action and the firearm’s action can no longer cycle. Fortunately, these types of jams can be easily cleared through proper technique.

Avoid Murder Charges as a Conceal Carrier by Keeping Emotions in Check

If you carry a gun in self defense, you MUST be able to keep your emotions in check and MUST stop shooting when the threat is neutralized. Continuing the engagement after the threat has been neutralized is an excellent way to turn lawful self defense into attempted murder or even murder.

Thorough Overview of How to Shoot a Rifle Standing, Kneeling, and Prone

Shooting offhand, kneeling, and prone are critical skills for anyone who wants to go shooting outside of a shooting range with a shooting bench.

Why Carrying a Handgun in a Purse or Bag is a Bad Idea

Off the body carry is a popular way to carry a firearm, but it can get you killed.

Gun Ownership is on the Rise – 44% of Households Own a Gun

The major media wouldn’t dare talk about this since it goes against their anti-gun narrative, but gun ownership is on the rise. And by on the rise, I mean skyrocketing. This August was another record breaking gun sales month – another record breaking month for 15 months in a row. Not only that, but last […]

Training: Your Greatest Asset or Worst Enemy

Training is the key to getting better, but poor quality training can decrease skill rather than improve it.

The 4 Rules of Firearm Safety

Firearms are extremely effective tools and can be downright fun when used safely. However, these tools can also be very dangerous and even fatal when mishandled. It is very important to avoid complacency and to obey the rules of firearm safety. Failure to abide by these rules can have serious, or even deadly, consequences. All […]