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6 Tips for Safe & Practical Conceal Carry

Here’s some quick tips for new and experienced conceal carriers to safely and effectively carry a firearm for personal protection.

What the “Two Way Range” is Actually Like

Some combat veterans provide some insight as to what the “two way range” is actually like.

A Small Change in Your Pistol Grip Makes a Big Difference

A few millimeters in your handgun grip can make a huge difference in your shooting speed and accuracy.

You Can’t Rely on Others to Help & Can’t Always Run Away from an Attacker

This man was stabbed to death over a $3 haircut and no one would help him.

Deliberate Practice – How to Get Better at Anything, Such as Firearms Proficiency

Casual plinking is not deliberate practice and does not help obtain mastery.

The 2x2x2 Drill – An Excellent Drill for Self Defenders

Self defenders should strive to obtain proficiency with the 2x2x2 drill to demonstrate speed and accuracy, both of which are important for a real life self defense encounter.

How Practical is Full Auto Fire? Is Semi-Auto Fire Better?

Larry Vickers puts a full auto rifle on the clock and compares it to a semi auto rifle to see how practical full auto fire really is.

Tasers Aren’t a Guarantee to Stop an Attacker

Tasers are not magical defense tools that can stop criminals in every situation.

How to Use a Weapon Mounted Light on a Handgun

It is dark for a significant portion of the day. A light of some kind is critical for conceal carriers to verify and engage a threat.


Stop Recoil Anticipation, Blinking, & Flinching While Shooting

Identify & fix recoil anticipation, blinking, and flinching with two simple drills.

Reducing Violent Crime without Gun Control

Banning inanimate objects won’t reduce violent crime. Here are some ways to save lives without gun control.

Mass Shootings are Contagious

If the mainstream media wants to save lives, they need to adjust their reporting habits and stop obsessing over mass shootings.

How to Teach Kids to Shoot Firearms

Training the next generation up in firearms is critical for the long term preservation of the 2nd Amendment.

How to Contact Your Representatives About an Issue

Calling your representatives is quick and easy – and it can make a difference.

How to be a Pro-Gun Slacktivist

A good Pro-Gun Slacktivist needs to be as efficient as possible with their time, and actually getting things done takes too much time.

Don’t Load Live Ammo In a New Firearm Until At the Range

Protect your life, your hearing, and your property. Don’t load a brand new firearm until you’re at the range.

School Staffer Posted on Facebook About Buying Gun, School Nearly Shut Down

A school was nearly put on lockdown, kids missed recess and a field trip, and 60 students stayed home. All because a teacher posted about buying a gun.

The CDC Can (and Does) Research Firearms & Gun Deaths

Ever heard that the government can’t study guns? Turns out, the government can, and does, study firearms.


How to Have Fast Follow Up Shots with a Handgun

A proper shooting stance, grip, and sight picture is critical to fast follow up shots.

“Weapons of War” is a Worthless Term

Militias fight wars. The American people are the American Militia. We are allowed to bear arms for war.


A Fast & Efficient Handgun Shooting Stance

Getting into a proper shooting stance needs to be quick and smooth no matter which direction you’re moving from or to.


Practicing Lateral Movement for Self Defense & Shooting Competitions

The first step towards being able to move and shoot is being able to move, then shoot. Moving then shooting is an incredibly practical skill for self defense and competitive shooting, and it can be easily practiced at home during dry fire or at a shooting bay.

Self Defense Firearms Not On Your Body Are Worthless

Never underestimate a knife attack – the consequences can be deadly.

Deliberate Practice – Becoming a Master is No Accident

Becoming the best of the best, or even becoming very good at shooting requires deliberate practice and focusing on weak areas.

Shooting Steel Targets Safely

Steel targets are extremely fun, but can be dangerous when used incorrectly.

Pepper Spray vs Wasp Spray as a Self Defense Tool

Every once in a while I hear the rumor that wasp spray is great for self defense as a pepper spray alternative. This is false and this rumor needs to stop.

Every Firearms Instructor is Wrong

Does this mean we shouldn’t ever take a shooting class? Or course not. If anything, this means we should seek out more instruction from more instructors. It is important for shooters to diversity their education and learn from as many instructors as possible.

Compliance Does Not Guarantee Safety – Why We Carry

By definition, criminals do not obey laws. They are breaking the law by committing an armed robbery. So the question is, do you trust the armed criminal in front of you to only take your stuff?

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How to Control Recoil with the Handgun

Controlling handgun recoil is about proper technique, not simply pulling the trigger as quickly as possible. Work on proper technique to be able to accurately and quickly put rounds down range.