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A Bad 911 Call Can Send Lawful Self Defenders to Prison

Anything can and will be used against you in a court of law. How you communicate to law enforcement could put you in jail or keep you out.


Tips for Moving Quickly on a Shooting Stage

Moving quickly is a critical skill for competitive and defensive shooters alike.

Tips for Shooting Firearms at Night

Here are some lessons learned from a night shooting competition, applicable for home defense, conceal carriers, and competitors.


How Important is Pistol Grip Pressure for Accuracy?

If a shooter is consistently missing to the left or right, what’s the cause?

Instinctive Shooting with a Handgun – Hitting Targets without Using Sights

Have you ever tried shooting a pistol without using your sights? It’s an important skill if you want to be able to use a gun in a defensive encounter.

7 Lessons Learned from Studying Real Self Defense Encounters

Gunfights and other self-defense encounters are fast and brutal. They require emotional strength and sharp skills.

Learn How to Shoot on the Move One Step at a Time

Have you ever seen a defensive gun use where both parties just stood there shooting at each other? No? Then learn how to shoot on the move!

The Media’s Over Coverage of Mass Shootings Creates More Mass Shootings

If the media would put children’s lives above ad revenue and adjust their reporting habits, we could have at least a one-third reduction in mass shootings.

5 Negligent Discharges & How to Avoid Them

Many of the activities we participate in are inherently dangerous. From driving a vehicle on a highway to riding a bicycle to participating in shooting sports. All of these activities are dangerous, which is why we have safety rules to abide by. Follow these safety rules and all of these activities can be done safely. […]

Self Defense with a Handgun in a Vehicle

Transitional spaces have a higher likelihood of needing to defend yourself – vehicles are such spaces.

Why Firearm Capacity is Very Important for Self Defense

No one has ever said after a gunfight, “I wish I had less ammo.

Shooting Range Safety and Etiquette

Safety is the most important component of an enjoyable time at the shooting range.

Firearms & Children – Preventing Access & Firearms Safety Education

Simple precautions can prevent unauthorized access to our firearms, potentially saving a life or keeping a firearm from getting stolen.

What to Do When Stopped By Police & Carrying a Firearm

Everyone wants to go home safely during a police encounter. Follow these quick tips and everyone can.

How to Use a Shot Timer to Maximize Dry Fire Training

Shot timers are excellent tools to enhance a dry fire, when utilized well.

How to Dry Fire Practice & Why it is Important

Dry fire is the something every shooter should be doing to obtain proficiency with firearms.

How to Quickly Reload a Handgun

Reloads are quite simple when broken down into a few steps. Anyone can reload a handgun quickly with proper technique and practice.

Common Ways to Break the Rules of Firearms Safety

Simple mistakes with a firearm are easy, but the consequences could be deadly.

Autumn Parkin, a Violent Crime Victim, Feels Empowered After Learning to Use Firearms

“I can honestly say, it wasn’t until I started shooting that I actually started to heal. Because I got some of that power back.”

Gun Cleaning & Maintenance for an EDC Handgun

EDC handguns often don’t see much range time or cleaning. Despite limited range time, EDC handguns can get dirty even when not fired.

4 Pro-Gun Organizations to Join to Support the 2nd Amendment

Pro-gun organizations are on the frontline of the war for our 2nd Amendment rights. Donate to these pro-gun organizations and help restore our 2nd Amendment rights.

98.4% of Mass Shootings Occurred in Gun Free Zones

Criminals seek out unarmed targets. Naturally, mass shooters seek out gun free zones for defenseless victims.

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Pistol Fundamentals from the Army Marksmanship Unit

Focus on improving the fundamentals of pistol shooting to become a drastically better shooter – no matter the skill level.


Learn How to Call Shots Without Inspecting the Target

Calling shots is a very important skill for shooters – It’s important to know if you hit the target without looking at the target at all.

Woman Purse Carries – Gets Purse & Gun Stolen

Purse carry is a bad idea. In a purse snatching incident, the victim can’t get to their gun nor can they give up the bag with the gun in it.

“A Falling Gun is All Trigger”

Firearms safety is no joke. Don’t try to grab a gun out of the air. Just let it fall.


How to Quickly Find Pistol Sights for Faster Accurate Shooting

John Lovell has some quick tips on how to quickly get handgun sights on target for fast and accurate fire.

Safety Glasses Protected this Shooter’s Eye from a Ricochet

Wearing quality eye protection could save you from blindness – it sure saved this guy’s eye.

Lessons from Jared Reston’s Gunfight – Shot 7 Times & Still Won

The story from a police officer who was shot 7 times, returned fire, and won the gun fight.