Deceptively Pro-Gun Superbowl Ad

The NFL is known for not being pro-gun – in 2013 the NFL didn’t allow Daniel Defense’s Superbowl Commercial. The NFL has also banned off duty police officers from legally conceal carrying firearms into NFL games. Despite all of that, a deceptively pro-gun Superbowl ad aired in the St. Louis area.

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Inner City Chicago Sounds Like a Warzone

It’s a well established fact that most violence involving firearms happens in low income urban areas and in gang on gang warfare. What’s crazy, is that the often talked about “gang warfare” is nigh on close to actual warfare – and it happens every night in inner city Chicago.

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Eleven Hurt in Ohio State Attack, Stopped by a Police Officer

Officer Alan Horujko On the morning of November 28, 2016, a little before 10am, an Ohio State student rammed pedestrians with his vehicle before jumping out and slashing students with a butcher knife. Within one minute an Ohio State University Police Officer, Alan Horujko, shot and killed the attacker, identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan. […]

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State Supreme Court Reprimands Police Chief for Wrongly Denying CCW Licenses

On October 25th, the Rhode Island state Supreme Court threw out police chief Parella’s denial of a CCW license to three applicants. The court reprimanded the police chief and required a new ruling within 90 days. This is the second time in a little over a year the Supreme Court has issued an admonishment. Unfortunately, citizens all over Rhode Island are facing these refusals.

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President Trump’s Latest Statements on the 2nd Amendment

President Donald Trump has had some flip flopping when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. While he previously supported the original Assault Weapons Ban, his recent stances are quite pro 2nd Amendment. So let’s take a look at President Trump’s recent statements and what it means for 2017 and beyond. Shall not be infringed. Period. […]

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What Gun Laws Did and Didn’t Pass on Election Day

While it is great that Republicans control the House, Senate, and Presidency, yesterday’s election wasn’t all good news for gun rights. There were gun laws on the ballot in four states, the results weren’t all good. Maine’s Universal Background Checks – Failed Let’s start off with the good news. Maine’s “Question 3” for Universal Background […]

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Editorialized news concerning the ongoing battle to restore the Second Amendment in America.

Gun rights are under attack in America. Politicians are striving to regulate firearms through all sorts of back door means, employing the death by a thousand paper cuts technique. It is important for Americans to be diligent in protecting our rights. These articles are an effort to educate people who are on the Second Amendment fence and to keep pro-gun advocates up to date on the latest developments.