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Autumn Parkin, a Violent Crime Victim, Feels Empowered After Learning to Use Firearms

“I can honestly say, it wasn’t until I started shooting that I actually started to heal. Because I got some of that power back.”

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The Term “Assault Weapon” Has No Place in a “Good Faith” Discussion

The anti-gun movement is calling for a “good faith” discussion about firearms – but keeps on acting in bad faith while attacking the pro-gun movement for avoiding discussion.

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4 Pro-Gun Organizations to Join to Support the 2nd Amendment

Pro-gun organizations are on the frontline of the war for our 2nd Amendment rights. Donate to these pro-gun organizations and help restore our 2nd Amendment rights.

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Democrats Introduce Federal Bill to Ban Most Semi-Auto Firearms

The anti-gun movement is going all out and is attempting to ban almost all semi-auto firearms. CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES.

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98.4% of Mass Shootings Occurred in Gun Free Zones

Criminals seek out unarmed targets. Naturally, mass shooters seek out gun free zones for defenseless victims.

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Call Your Representatives About H.R.34 – End Gun Free Zones for Schools

Please contact your representatives and urge them to end gun free zones at our schools.

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2017 is Not a “Trump Slump” for the Firearms World

Gun ownership is on the rise, not the decline.

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The ATF is Trying to Abuse its Power – Comments are Open Until Jan 25th

The ATF is looking to reclassify bump stocks as machine guns, even though they do not have the authority to do so.

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Canadas AWB Does Not Actually Ban “Assault Weapons” Nor Stop Shootings

Canada has an Assault Weapon ban and low homicide rates – the AWB has to be the reason… right?

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Anti-Gunners Continue to Spread Lies About National CCW Reciprocity

Anti-gun politicians claim National Conceal Carry Reciprocity allows violent offenders to carry a firearm in all 50 states. That is a lie.

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House Passes National Conceal Carry Reciprocity

National Conceal Carry Reciprocity has passed the house with the background checks bill attached.

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3 Gun Control Quotes from Dictators

These gun control quotes from dictators illustrate the importance of disarming a population in order to establish a tyrannical government.

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Call to Action: Oppose the New “Assault Weapons” Ban

It’s time for yet another call to action for all 2nd Amendment supporters, on top of the recent call to action about the bump stock ban. Since the bump stock ban has stalled out at the national level, the anti-gun movement is just going straight for an all out “assault weapons” ban. This time, the…

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Boston Globe Calls for Complete Gun Confiscation

David at the Boston Globe published a completely one sided argument for gun control, not even using the word “self defense” once.

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Reducing Violent Crime without Gun Control

Banning inanimate objects won’t reduce violent crime. Here are some ways to save lives without gun control.

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Mass Shootings are Contagious

If the mainstream media wants to save lives, they need to adjust their reporting habits and stop obsessing over mass shootings.

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How to Contact Your Representatives About an Issue

Calling your representatives is quick and easy – and it can make a difference.

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How to be a Pro-Gun Slacktivist

A good Pro-Gun Slacktivist needs to be as efficient as possible with their time, and actually getting things done takes too much time.

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A Network TV Safe Ad Spot for a Shooting Range – With Puppies!

Shoot Smart found a loophole for getting ad placement on a TV Network to promote their shooting range.

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School Staffer Posted on Facebook About Buying Gun, School Nearly Shut Down

A school was nearly put on lockdown, kids missed recess and a field trip, and 60 students stayed home. All because a teacher posted about buying a gun.

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Editorialized news concerning the ongoing battle to restore the Second Amendment in America.

Gun rights are under attack in America. Politicians are striving to regulate firearms through all sorts of back door means, employing the death by a thousand paper cuts technique. It is important for Americans to be diligent in protecting our rights. These articles are an effort to educate people who are on the Second Amendment fence and to keep pro-gun advocates up to date on the latest developments.

The Dynamic 2 Gun for Competition class is a new class geared for the competitive shooter, specifically when it comes to using handguns and carbines in a dynamic shooting competition format.

Mar 30, 2019 / Austin, TX

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