Anti-Gunners Threaten to Shoot Washington Sheriffs Who Won’t Enforce Gun-Control

Anti-gunners want to reduce gun violence, by using gun violence to prevent gun violence. Wait… what?

Washington State recently passed I-1639. The initiative implemented restrictions on the purchase and ownership of firearms including raising the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21, adding background checks, increasing waiting periods, and enacting storage requirements. Not only is this proposition unconstitutional on the basis of the 2nd Amendment, it is a flagrant disregard of Columbia vs Heller.

A number of sherrifs have recently stated they won’t enforce these unconstitutional laws. Bravo to these sheriffs for upholding their oath to the constitution.

Anti-gunners threaten to shoot sheriffs

I wish I was making this up, I really was. But anti-gunners have issued death threats to these sheriffs.

A Facebook user, identified as being located in Washington but outside of Spokane County, made threats toward sheriffs, including (Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie) Knezovich.

According to a press release from the SCSO, Spokane County Crime Check received a tip about the threats at about 1 p.m. on Monday. The caller who reported the comments was also located outside of Spokane County.

The caller said the posts threatened Washington sheriffs who have said they will not or cannot enforce I-1639.

What is it with people on Facebook issuing so many death threats?

A post by the Facebook account explicitly called out Knezovich, reading “Ozzie Knezovich is gonna get a bullet in his skull,” according to the release.

Another post from the Facebook user also referenced Republicans, saying “I am going to kill every single one of them,” according to the release. That comment came on a post about a story about Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones announcing his department would not enforce the initiative.

Anti-gun hypocrisy

Do these anti-gunners not see the problems with their own words? Not only do they issue death threats, but they threaten to use guns!

I thought guns were bad and we needed to stop “gun violence.” But I guess to these anti-gunners, gun violence is ok as long as it is to support gun-control. But hey, anti-gun politicians have even threatened to use nukes on gun owners, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

But the hypocrisy doesn’t stop there. Washington allows pot consumption even though it is illegal at the federal level. Technically Washington sheriffs are choosing to not enforce federal pot laws by ignoring the pot decriminalization in Washington. So when are these sheriffs allowed to enforce and not enforce laws? Why is pot enforcement optional but not anti-gun laws?

The Bill of Rights overrides federal, state, and local laws. Laws that violate the Bill of Rights are unconstitutional and should not be enforced.

Bravo to these sheriffs for honoring their oath to the Constitution.

Anti-gunners need to re-evaluate their position if they have to resort to such force in order to improve “safety.”

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