Almost Deadly .50 BMG Ricochet

A shooter is shooting steel targets with a .50 BMG rifle when a ricochet comes back and nearly hits him in the head, but instead takes off his hearing protection.

This is quite the old video, originally hitting the web in 2012. But it’s still a really good one to watch as it teaches an important lesson.

Shooting steel targets is very fun, but can be dangerous. This is why it’s always important to make sure the steel you’re shooting is rated for the caliber you’re shooting at the proper distances. Shooting the wrong steel targets with the wrong firearm at the wrong distance can result in serious injury or death.

There’s no good reason to operate outside the safe operating distances of steel targets. Even though the chances of a serious ricochet are very slim, it’s not worth risking serious injury, especially when dealing with something like the .50 BMG.

Use steel targets the way they are supposed to, and stuff like this won’t happen.

Just look at what .50 BMG can do to a steel plate.

.50 BMG vs steel plate

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