Adams Arms Piston AR-15 Meltdown

Iraqveteran8888 performs a meltdown test on an Adams Arms Gas Piston AR-15. How well do you think it will hold up?

Piston vs Direct Impingement is a long standing debate amongst riflemen. Ultimately, both platforms have advantages and disadvantages. Pistons tend to require less frequent cleaning, but are also heavier than direct impingement.

This isn’t the first piston AR-15 meltdown Iraqveteran8888 has done. The previous meltdown was a high end Patriot Ordnance Factory P416 gas piston AR-15, this time, it’s a more economical Adams Arms Piston AR-15.

The obvious question is, how will the two piston AR-15s compare?

(do not try this at home)

Naturally, the higher end AR-15 in the previous meltdown test faired better, but this entry level rifle performed pretty well. It seems the government profile barrel bending created the ultimate failure.

The Adams Arms Piston AR-15 lasted 569 rounds before failure. In contrast, the Patriot Ordinance Piston AR-15 lasted over 2,700 before the test ended, and it didn’t even completely fail. The last few hundred rounds were semi auto due to wear, but it was still functioning.

These meltdown tests illustrates an interesting difference between direct impingement AR-15s and Piston AR-15s. A piston AR-15 will keep functioning, or fail quite spectacularly. The direct impingement AR-15s are designed to have a controlled failure in the gas block to prevent a potentially dangerous catastrophic failure.

Which do you prefer? Direct impingement or gas piston?

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